“Physical market, or as a step to diversify the portfolio your investment or savings, gold offers strong benefits to investors. Gold offers value that is safe and easy to store.

Historically, the value of a national currency can increase or decrease but the value of gold is very stable. Gold fulfills the function of money and is accepted throughout the world as a form of payment. Gold is the most liquid asset..” — NextGram Team

About the Next Gram

Next Gram is the most prominent name in Malaysia’s Precious Metals industry, founded in year 2010 with the mission to make precious metals as an alternative medium to preserve wealth. We have wealth of experience in dealing with local and global public listed companies, banking sectors as part of our portfolio

The company is moving forward in ensuring everyone must be able to have gold.

The company offers very affordable and affordable gold prices owned by everyone.

The Company also introduced a Smart Method by which each customer is given the opportunity to generate income in Affiliate Pro.